About Us

UON International Co., Ltd.

Our Wishes Are...

1. Coexistence of Man & Nature

The world is changing. Plastic pollutes the environment and oceans.

With our paper straws, we want to protect consumers' health and at the same time do our part to protect the Earth in this changing world. 

2. Fairness Towards People & the Environment

Our corporate goal is simple: We want to be fair to people and to the environment. 

Our paper straws are made from all natural ingredients. They are made of chlorine and bleach free kraft paper. They contain agar-agar as well as gelatine as a binding agent and natural coating against moisture. Agar-agar is a gelatine-like product extracted from seaweed.

The drinking straw is biodegradable. It decomposes in the ground within 180 days.

3. Uon International & the World We Live In

Uon International protects consumers' health and contributes to protecting the environment.

About Eco-Friendly Brand

"BANAS" is UON International's first eco-friendly brand launch.

"BANAS" is more than just a brand. It is a way of caring for people and the environment. 

Banas Straws are made from kraft paper with a binding agent from seaweed. BANAS means made by sea and from trees in Korean. It is a new word blend, formed by  combining a part of the Korean word for sea ("Bada-바다") with a part of the Korean word for tree ("Namu - 나무").

UON International aims to produce eco-friendly "Banas" products that are safe and harmless to human health using natural materials.

The paper straws are already sold in South Korea, the USA and Canada.

Product Description

The BANAS Paper Straw

Why does the Banas Straw stand out from other paper straws?

It is made from natural ingredients and a natural binding agent; the technology, patented in South Korea, ensures that the drinking straws remain firm in cold non-carbonated drinks for up to 7 hours (deviations are possible depending on the drinks' ingredients).

1. Patent in South Korea


The technology behind the Banas Straw is patented in South Korea.

2. Natural Binding Agent From Seaweed


Agar is a gelatine-like product extracted from red seaweeds. Agar is used in the production of our products as a natural binding agent, made by the sea.

The binding agent from agar and gelatine works as an adhesive and coating against moisture.

The agar based  natural binding agent is safe for health and environment.

3. Health


The Banas Straw is made using chlorine and bleach free kraft paper and a natural binding agent made from agar-agar and gelatine. Thus the straw is free of harmful substances. It does not release any toxic substances into the soil or the oceans and is therefore environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless to health.

4. Product Safety


The paper Straws are safety-tested by SGS Korea Co., Ltd. and comply with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 176. 170. The drinking straws are manufactured in South Korea using patented technology and are safety-tested by the Korea Advanced Food Research Institute (KAFRI).

5. Environment


The Banas Straw is environmentally friendly and decomposes in the ground within 180 days. It does not release any toxic substances into the soil and the oceans.

The drinking straw is an eco-friendly product for a healthy Earth as it can replace plastic straws which can take around 200 years to decompose in nature. It can also replace PLA straws that require industrial composting facilities for rapid decomposition.

6. Stable Supply


The hygienic factory is located in South Korea. The Banas Straw has a stable supply chain: The Production capacity is 1 million straws per day.


We will continue to invest in facilities to increase production.

Straw Product List

Straw - Standard Size in Bulk

Dimensions   7 X 210 (mm)

Dimensions   7 X 250 (mm)

Straw for Bubble Tea - in Bulk


Dimensions   12 X 210 (mm)

Dimensions   12 X 250 (mm)

Straw - Standard Size, Individually Wrapped

Dimensions   7 X 210 (mm)

Dimensions   7 X 250 (mm)

Straw for Bubble Tea - individually Wrapped


Dimensions   12 X 210 (mm)

Dimensions   12 X 250 (mm)

Contact Information

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